Our Services

Boiler Service & Installation

T.H Plumbing & Heating will design the best system which will provide you the most comfort and lowest lifetime operating cost. We can handle any service or installation requirement. With our journeymen plumbers and in house extensive training to ensure each job is completed with the highest quality standard. It would be our pleasure to quote you on any project, large or small.

Plumbing Service

Whether you're looking to change a toilet or building a new home. T.H Plumbing has you covered for all your plumbing needs. Our company can also provide any brand in the industry you may be interested in.

We will happily take care of installing new:

  • Bathtubs, shower stalls and fixtures
  • Hot tubs
  • Dishwashers
  • State of the art wifi controls
  • Kitchen sinks and faucets (including touchless and pot filler taps)
  • Bathroom sinks and faucets (including touchless)
  • Toilets and bidets

Other Services

T.H. Plumbing also offers several other services for both residential, commercial and multifamily applications with an efficient and professional touch. We have experience with all manner of brands and accessories. These services include:

  • Gas Fitting
  • Retrofits
  • Commercial
  • Sump Pumps
  • Water Treatment
  • Hot Water Tanks